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Rachael Long 

Rachel graduated in History of Modern Art BA (Hons) from Newcastle in 1990. An award-winning artist with many public commissions across the UK and private commissions from collectors in France, Austria, New Zealand and the US.

Artist Statement

I make large scale sculpture of animals and birds, using redundant farm machine parts. They are welded together and sometimes forged to subtly change them. I am fascinated by the alchemical transformation of cold hard metal into fluid animated creatures. The old machine parts become elements of a composition but when looked at in detail, the scrap still resonates with its former use. Memory, history of the land, the human use of the land and animals are all themes that resonate for me. 

Once I know my subject matter I come to a composition through rough sketches but it is not until I am in the studio choosing or discovering scrap parts that the real composition reveals itself. This element of surprise - where the material leads the form of the sculpture totally intrigues me.

If you are interested in commissioning a piece by Rachael then please get on touch by email or call Lesley on +44(0)7568 154 050