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The Home of the UK's Finest Mini Print Exhibtions 



A professional blacksmith based in the heart of the Suffolk countryside,

Mark’s forged contemporary sculptures are easily recognised and much admired.

Simplistic and quirky, each piece is designed with intuition, crafted with expertise and

styled to please.

Self-taught Mark’s passion for the rural lifestyle is reflected in all his pieces and his work is available in selected in galleries across Suffolk and Norfolk... and of course from our own gallery. See Mark's work here


For a number of years, Norwich-based contemporary printmaker artist Anthony George was employed as a technical assistant with the British Antarctic Survey. 

His latest works depict an abstracted reflection of what he saw in and around the research stations there, primarlity at the Grytviken Whaling Station.

Visually, the work is wilfully colourful, playful and pleasing, and certainly aims for a sensory response. On consideration, the work also asks questions about shape and colour, about proportion, scale and perspective; about what it is to be something, about how things 'are' in the space around us. See Anthony's work here

David HUTT

David studied at Falmouth School of Art and at Birmingham Institute of Art & Design. He is based in Suffolk and is Head of Art & Design at Colchester Institute having taught for a number of years on Fine Art Degree an Foundation Diploma programmes.

Whilst his training is informed by the use of models, the people in the paintings on display in this latest exhibition (and seen above) are composites, their faces made up from different sources both primary and found. The landscape paintings were made after time spent drawing and walking in the Stour Valley.

The bold, dramatic brush work and uncomplicated colour palettes give all David's pieces a sense of confidence and impact and Red Dot Art is excited to be working with David and taking his work on show throughout 2018. See David's work here


Gerry Jones studied at the Central School of Art & Design in the 1960's. He went on to set up and run a successful design group in London with colleague Bob Clift.

In the 1980's Gerry and his family joined his brother in New Zealand where they designed, built and ran a leisure park for four years. Then, following a period of extensive travelling around the South Pacific, Gerry settled in Fiji where his lifelong interest in the natural world merged with the stunning scenery, wildlife and vibrant colours of everyday life.

Influenced by his travels, Gerry's paintings utilise a full and vibrant colour palette and depict the images that reflect the simple and natural beauty of the life around us, whether abstract scenery, photo-realistic or impressionistic animals, people or places. Gerry's original pieces (oil on canvas, acrylic on canvas and drawings) sell privately around the world as do the signed, limited edition prints of many of his works. See Gerry's work here

Patricia LOMAX

Patricia Lomax is an abstract painter who embraces the freedom of acrylic for the vast majority of works, many of which are derived from the ever-changing and often challenging landscape local to her East Anglian studio. Most recently Patricia has recognised though that even her most recent works are influenced by the tumultuous decades through which she has lived; filtered always through the lens of a cheerful and optimistic nature. 

Much pf Patricia's work has been exhibited around the world most especially in London, New York, Miami and Europe and she continues to exhibit across the UK.

Painting since childhood and always drawn to strong colours and contemporary style, Patricia has a wonderfully exciting portfolio of affordable work for sale and can also be persuaded to undertake commissions. See Patricia's work here

Rachael LONG

Rachael Long graduated in History of Modern Art BA (Hons) from Newcastle in 1990.

An award-winning artist with many public commissions across the UK and private commissions from collectors in France, Austria, New Zealand and the US.

Artist Statement

I make large scale sculpture of animals and birds, using redundant farm machine parts. They are welded together and sometimes forged to subtly change them I am fascinated by the alchemical transformation of cold hard metal into fluid animated creatures. The old machine parts become elements of a composition but when looked at in detail, the scrap still resonates with its former use. Memory, history of the land, the human use of the land and animals are all themes that resonate for me. See Rachael's work here


Chris Mound lives and works on the Suffolk bank of the river Waveney in the middle of East Anglia. With a mixed history of creative endeavour, he started out studying Ceramics and then became seduced by textiles, particularly tapestry Weaving. 

Since 1997 Chris has been working in an environment where the focus is on helping other people to use their own creative abilities and in the course of this has found a particular satisfaction in the craft of woodcut printmaking as a means of expression.

The inspiration for his work is drawn from the natural world, particularly, though not exclusively, in East Anglia using both traditional European and Oriental techniques, adapting them as appropriate to the subject matter. See Chris's work here


Tiny is an Artist Printmaker passionate about colour and exploring all different types of printing methods. Her prints are all hand-printed, limited editions so there will always be a slight difference in tone and colour.

Inspired by subjects from nature and wild life you can sense an organic feeling in all of Tiny’s work.

Excited by the exploration of different colour combinations, paper and techniques, Tiny’s finished pieces result, even with same design, can be very different. See Tiny's work here


Terry Pastor is best known for his iconic album artwork for David Bowie's Hunky Dory and Ziggy Stardust. While it is his albums that usually grab the headlines, in reality this work is just one element of Terry Pastor's career. His credits include album covers for the Beach Boys, Alex Harvey, The Sweet, Carl Palmer, Soft Machine and many other artistes. 

Given the similarity between album covers and book covers, it is no surprise to find that Terry Pastor's credits include covers for best-selling authors like Arthur C Clark, Jeffrey Archer, Mickey Spillane, Colleen McCullough, Len Deighton, Brian Aldiss, Michael Crichton, Ed McBain and Leslie Thomas. 

Over the years, this illustration work has won him many accolades including two prestigious Art Director of America awards and a Playboy Magazine Illustration award. See Terry's work here


Liz Pressly studied Fine Art under Lionel Bulmer at Kingston-on-Thames Art School, exhibiting early work at The Young Contemporaries Exhibition in London, where her work was bought by the Arts Council and shown at their 1960’s Recent Acquisitions show at the Tate.

She left England in her twenties and circumnavigated the world in a sailing yacht, before returning to bring up a family and continue painting and sculpting. Liz has lived in Suffolk for 40 years.

“The colour and intimacy in the Post-Impressionistic paintings of Vuillard and Bonnard have been an inspiration, but my major interest has always been in figurative work - strange people and whimsical situations, capturing witty scenes from the village fete or fairground - and the strangeness of the normal.” See Liz's work here


Tsvetelina Spiridonova was born March 23, 1976 in the city of Sofia in Bulgaria. She graduated from Art School "Ilia Petrov" and the National Fine Art Academy - Master in Printmaking under Professor Peter Chuklev. 

A member of the California Society of Printmaking, Tsvetelina's fresh and exciting works utilising suminagashi - an traditional Japanese process of marbling plain paper with water and ink to transform it into something colourful and vibrant - are distinctive, immediately recognisable and always uplifting! See Tsvetelina's work here